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Hey, {{their name}}!

I was digging around for information on {{topic}} today and came across your resource page: {{link to resource page}}

This is a fantastic list of resources. I didn’t even know about some of them.

If you’re interested, I actually just wrote a guide on {{topic}}: {{your URL}}

It might make a great addition to your page.

Either way, keep up the great work! Thanks for your time.

{{Your Name}}

Link to Copy:

Hey, {{name}},

I was digging around for information on {{topic}} today and came across your post: {{link to their post}}

This is great! Lots of good advice. I even {{implemented something, learned something}}

However, I did find some broken links there. Let me know if you’d like me to send you the list I made.

Link to Copy:

Hey, {{name}}!

I’m a huge fan of {{their blog}}. I just wanted to reach out because I’ve really been enjoying your writing. In fact, I accomplished {{something cool}} from reading your blog post: {{link to their blog post}}.

I know you’re busy, so I won’t waste your time. I’m reaching out because I had some ideas I think the {{their blog name}} audience would positively love, and I was wondering if you’d be open to a guest blog post.

Here are the titles:
{{Title 1}}
{{Title 2}}
{{Title 3}}

To give you an idea of my writing style, here are two of my best posts:
{{Your post with the most shares}}
{{Your best-written post}}

Thanks for your time and consideration! I can’t wait to hear back from you.

{{Your name}}

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